Instructions for downloading the MP3 files and playing Day of the Dead Moon on different devices.

Once you’ve placed your order you’ll receive confirmation with a link for you to download your purchase. If you need help transferring the audio files to your mobile, we have set out some step by step instructions.

Please note that your card will be debited to IWM Cloud Services on your statement.


STEP 1 – Open up your web browser on your phone, for example, Chrome or Samsung Internet.
STEP 2 – Click on the Download link / web address in the email you received when placing your order.
STEP 3 – Press the Download button to initiate the download of the MP3 file. A pop up should appear to notify you the download is in progress.
STEP 4 – Tap on the files you want to play after downloading, or go to your Music App and play from there.


To play the series on your iPad or iPhone, you’ll need to download the zipped files to your computer or laptop and then use iTunes to play them on your device. Full instructions are here:
Instructions for downloading from PC and playing on iPhone or iPad.
Instructions for downloading from MAC and playing on iPhone or iPad.